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Master Aviation English with CaptainPilot's Training Model

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

CaptainPilot Recommended Training Model
CaptainPilot Recommended Training Model

CaptainPilot's Aviation English courses significantly accelerate English proficiency acquisitions in an aviation context, with the primary goal of improving airline safety.

We can demonstrate the importance of English language proficiency in the aviation industry as follows.

Flight as a pilot depends on the use of the aircraft, which is one of the most important elements of the operation in the cockpit, and the successful communication of the non-flying pilot from the cockpit with the controller to fly the aircraft safely. From the point of view of the controller, the primary condition of being able to manage the traffic in the airspace safely depends on the English language proficiency and the communication ability of the controller very well.

For this reason, it was necessary to measure the English language proficiency of the sector employees periodically and to measure that the personnel working at every stage of the operation meet the minimum ICAO / EASA LRP (Language Proficiency Requirement) requirements.

CaptainPilot offers you the training model it has created to solve this need. You may have just started to become a pilot, You may be continuing your PPL, CPL, ATPL flights during your academic training at flight school, You may be flying as an F/O in airlines and operating in very busy airspaces, terminals and busy airports, Captain or senior F/O You may be preparing for the Language Proficiency Exam as a Controller, and you may want to increase your proficiency level.

We offer you a serious study to increase your language proficiency and a solution where you can measure your level completely free of charge. All you have to do is apply the CaptainPilot Training Model as described below.

We will now ask you to perform the first step of our CaptainPilot recommended training model.

Take the first step on our Get started page using the link below.



You can take the Proficiency Test 1 ( If you pass this exam, you can proceed to step 3.


If you do not get a passing grade in the exam, you must complete our AVIATION LISTENERS ( training module as the second step. After you finish this training module, we will ask you to retake the Proficiency Test 1 ( exam.

If you get a passing grade in Proficiency Test 1, it's time to move on to step three.


You can take the Proficiency Test 2 (

If you pass this exam, you can proceed to step 4.

If you do not get a passing grade in the exam, you must complete our RADIOTELEPHONY PHRASEOLOGY ( training module as the third step. After you finish this training module, we will ask you to retake the Proficiency Test 2 ( exam.

If you get a passing grade in Proficiency Test 2, it's time to move on to step four.


At this stage of the training, you must complete our AERONAUTICAL STANDARD PHRASEOLOGY ( training module.

After the training you have received, it is time to determine the level you have reached.

You must take the Proficiency Mastery Test ( If you do not get a passing grade on the exam, you can proceed to step five.


You can use our AVIATION ENGLISH COURSE ( training module to increase your language proficiency level to the desired level.

Upon completion of our training module, you must take the Proficiency Mastery Test ( If you have not reached the desired level,

you can proceed to the next step.


One of our training modules, AVIATION ENGLISH EXAM TRAINING is a module that includes many questions asked in language proficiency exams. You can practice verbal interaction by giving appropriate and reasonable answers to these questions.

At the end of each completed training module, you can use the Proficiency Mastery Test ( to determine your level.


Finally, we offer trainings with professional airline training content consisting of E-learning LMS Courses For Pilot modules and SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) modules, which have a very rich aviation content. Thus, you will be familiar with airline operations by expanding your aviation culture and vocabulary.


CaptainPilot makes it possible to measure the development of your language proficiency level as a result of training packages and applications. Thanks to the completely free Master test database, you can take the exam many times by taking different questions from the question pool in each exam application.

Check how successfully you have completed the CaptainPilot language proficiency test with the report that will be published automatically by the system.

Our training program provides a step-by-step solution to prepare trainees for their region's pre-commercial pilot English exam. Perfect for pilots and air traffic control officers who want to maintain ICAO Level 4 and above proficiency in Aviation English.

All you have to do is to apply the CaptainPilot Recommended Training Model.

If you want to ask questions during the training and how our training model should be implemented, you can take advantage of the Private One-on-One Sessions, which is completely free for our members with a membership package. (

These courses are possible with the reservations that our customers will make especially according to their needs. It is carried out with the support of our teaching staff consisting of instructor captain pilots who have spent years flying in the aviation sector and airlines.

How to use the e-learning training modules produced by CaptainPilot is possible with free sessions in Gold and Platinum packages, including measuring the progress of our members during the trainings.

If you wish, you can choose to work with our teaching staff alone or with your teacher 1:1.

With 1 or 2 friends/colleagues on a 2 : 1 or 3 : 1 basis

The training will be tailored specifically to your needs, but will generally focus on improving your speaking and listening skills.


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