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AVIATION ENGLISH TRAINING for Pilots, Controllers & Aviation students 
The Most Effective Way to Prepare for ICAO Level 4 and 5 Exams

This course will teach you the tricks of speaking English in aviation, and you will learn practical radiotelephone phraseology required for pilots and controllers. In this way, you will both increase your flight safety and achieve success in ICAO Language Proficiency exams.

In your course, you will learn to fluently use ROUTINE expressions for IFR flights, as well as be prepared for NON-ROUTINE situations. Your course includes both theoretical and practical exercises, so you will be able to grasp every aspect of speaking English in aviation. You will also study extra aviation-related vocabulary in your course, thus expanding your vocabulary

This course is suitable for pilots and controllers or pilot trainees who wish to learn or revise the language used for radiotelephone communications. It is especially suitable for people who work at home or in a learning resource centre. All exercises are self-correcting.

For more detailed information, we recommend you to read our article "How to prepare for ICAO English Exam with CaptainPilot Training Model ! "

Radiotelephony Phraseology

Radiotelephony Phraseology
Radiotelephony Phraseology Introduction