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AVIATION ENGLISH TRAINING for Pilots, Controllers & Aviation studentsTO REACH ICAO LEVEL 4 & LEVEL 5

This course contains a carefully sequenced selection of training materials, giving progressive, systematic practice in radiotelephony phraseology for pilots. The exercises are designed primarily to teach operational fluency in the ROUTINE phraseology for IFR flights. Unlike routine phraseology, the language of NON-ROUTINE situations is not highly predictable. However, practice is also provided for a selection of non-routine situations, plus additional vocabulary work.

This course is suitable for pilots or pilot trainees who wish to learn, or revise, the language used for radiotelephony communications. It is particularly suitable for people working at home or in a learning resources centre. All the exercises are self-correcting.

For more detailed information, we recommend you to read our article "How to prepare for ICAO English Exam with CaptainPilot Training Model!".