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CaptainPilot Aviation English E-learning, reinforces key phraseology for both pilots and controllers at each stage of the flight, and builds the automaticity and mastery that are needed to deal with non-standard situations. Using a variety of accents and non-native speakers, the course simulates real world working conditions. Case Studies including historical incidents  (Tenerife, etc.) are ideal for both cadet pilots and experienced pilots.


Broadcast, weather, clearance delivery, walk-around inspection, push-back, taxi instructions, CRM, delays, on-ground emergencies, and more

Departure / Take-Off

Ground navigation, take-off procedures, traffic issues, wind shear, wake turbulence, bird strikes, engine fire, and more

In the Flight

Traffic, TCAs, position reports, requesting route or flight altitude changes, turbulence, medical emergencies, fire, pressurization, and more

Approach / Landing

Aircraft interval and flow control, weather, mechanical problems, vectoring and ILS issues, missed approach, and more

Taxi / Post-Flight

Taxiway, confirm and check, navigating unfamiliar airports, gate delays, post-fight checklists, passenger issues, and more

Case Studies

Describe and discuss the true or fictitious accidents caused by improper communication

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