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Recommended Training Model

CaptainPilot's Aviation English courses significantly accelerate English proficiency gains in an aviation context, with the primary goal of improving airline safety. Aviation English for Pilots and Aviation English for Controllers focus on key language concepts, vocabulary, and phraseology necessary to improve airline safety, both on the ground and in the air. Aviation English for Pilots and Aviation English for Controllers have  units, built around a core language syllabus designed to develop listening and speaking fluency. The aviation focus is on communication examples from pilot to controller and from pilot to pilot. Dialogs and examples include exchanges provided by real flights, industry associations, public transcripts, and original materials written to specification by experts to illustrate key points. CaptainPilot LMS provide interactive listening and speaking practice. Courses are built around situational language syllabus that explores routine, non-routine and emergency situations, and common causes of miscommunication. 

For more detailed information, we recommend you to read our article '' How to prepare for ICAO English Exam with CaptainPilot Training Model ''.

CaptainPilot Recommended Training Model

CaptainPilot Aviation English Language Proficiency Test Laptop view

Determine your level with the completely free CaptainPilot's Proficiency Test based on the ICAO LPR scale. Then start working from the CaptainPilot training packages at the level you think is suitable for you. If you think you need help with this, you can contact CaptainPilot.

 Interactive courseware and study methods help learners develop real communication skills. İntense, individual practice activities measurably improve students fluency and pronunciation. The automaticity language production gained by users enables communication even in high-pessure situations.
When brain and muscle memory are trained together to listen and speak without the need to ''think it through'' effective communication can be maintained in high-workload situations, protectin the safety envelope and assuring operational and service standards.

Pre-Flight : ATIS, weather issues, clearance delivery, walkaround, pushback, taxi, CRM, delays, on-ground emergencies 

Departure and Take-off : Airport navigation, take-off, departure trafc, wind shear, wake turbulence, bird strikes, engine fire

In-Flight : Enroute traffic, TCAS, location reports, route & level changes, CAT, medical emergencies, pressurization

Approach : Separation & flow control, weather, mechanical problems, approach vectoring, ILS, missed approaches

Taxi & Post-Flight : Inbound taxi, conrming & verifying, unfamiliar airports, gate delays, post-flight checklists, passenger issues

Case Studies : Accounts and discussion of real and fictionalized incidents caused by communication issues

CaptainPilot Aviation Listener Training Package Desktop
CaptainPilot Radiotelephony Phraseology Training Pack Desktop

This course contains a carefully sequenced selection of training materials, giving progressive, systematic practice in radiotelephony phraseology for pilots and air traffic controllers. The exercises are designed primarily to teach operational fluency in the ROUTINE phraseology for IFR flights. Unlike routine phraseology, the language of NON-ROUTINE situations is not highly predictable. However, practice is also provided for a selection of non-routine situations, plus additional vocabulary work.

This course is suitable for pilots or pilot trainees who wish to learn, or revise, the language used for radiotelephony communications. It is particularly suitable for people working at home or in a learning resources centre. All the exercises are self-correcting.

Standard phraseology reduces the risk that a message will be misunderstood and aids the read-back/hear-back process so that any error is quickly detected. Ambiguous or non-standard phraseology is a frequent causal or contributory factor in aircraft accidents and incidents.
The need for clear and unambiguous communication between pilots and Air Traffic Control (ATC) is vital in assisting the safe and expeditious operation of aircraft. It is important, therefore, that due regard is given to the use of standard words and phrases and that all involved ensure that they maintain the highest professional standards when using RTF. 

Therefore, as CaptainPilot, we have started to publish the Aeronautical Standard Phraseology Database package, which we believe will serve the entire aviation community. 

CaptainPilot Aviation English Training Package Desktop

Being successful in the aviation sector requires more than just technical knowledge and skills. It also requires effective communication skills. This includes the ability to understand and use English, which is an international language. In this article, we will focus on picture description training, an important part of aviation English training.

What is Picture Description?
Picture description is the ability to express a picture in a detailed and accurate manner. In aviation, this usually involves describing pictures that contain weather reports, flight plans, air traffic control instructions, and other important information.

CaptainPilot Aeronautical Standard Phraseology Training Package Desktop


for Pilots, Controllers & Aviation students


Our courseware offers a step-by-step solution to preparing trainees for their region's pre-commercial pilot English exam. Perfect for pilots and air traffic control officers who are looking to maintain an ICAO Level 4 proficiency and above in Aviation English.

Throughout the course, we will cover important exercises that can be found in the real-world Aviation English exam. We will focus on target listening by following along with real-life radio communications between pilots and air traffic controllers.

CaptainPilot Aviation English Exam Training Package ipad
CaptainPilot Elearning LMS Courses For Pilot And Controllers Laptop

CaptainPilot e-learning content and other forms of interactive multimedia learning.

We provide the industry with continuous EASA / FAA compliant aviation training.

CaptainPilot e-learning programs are available anytime, anywhere and reduce training costs.

SCORM Compliant LMS

Our platform complies with the latest industry standards and has an attractive design for connecting to the user-admin interface. Manage courses, supervise training progress and edit your own training contents.

Cost Efficiency

Reduce your training costs. We offer you the most competitive pricing on the market. 

Online/Offline IOS App

Our training content works on every IOS device. Inspire your students by offering quality training on their tablet or laptop.

CaptainPilot makes it possible to measure the development of your language proficiency level as a result of training packages and applications. Thanks to the Master test database, which is completely free, you can take the exam many times by pulling different questions from the question pool in each exam application.
Check how successfully you have completed the CaptainPilot language proficiency test with the report that will be published by the system automatically.

CaptainPilot Language Proficiency Master Test

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