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How To Finally Get An ICAO LPR 4, 5, 6

Without Wasting Time And Money

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Master Aviation English and Pass the ICAO LPR Exam Easily !

For Pilots and Controllers working or aiming to work in the aviation industry, aviation English is a very important skill. The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) requires pilots and controllers to reach a certain level of aviation English and prove this through periodic exams. The ICAO Language Proficiency Requirements (LPR) exam measures pilots and controllers' speaking and listening skills in aviation English and is divided into 6 levels. Pilots and Controllers areare expected to reach at least level 4 and receive longer-term certifications if they reach level 5 or 6. 

So how can you master aviation English and easily pass the ICAO LPR exam?

The answer is very simple: with CaptainPilot !

CaptainPilot is an online aviation English course with a training staff consisting of captain pilots who have flown in the aviation industry and airlines for years. With CaptainPilot, you can learn the basics of aviation English, master aviation terminology, talk about aviation-related topics easily and prepare for the ICAO LPR exam.

What advantages does CaptainPilot offer ?

  • Live and interactive lessons via Zoom: With CaptainPilot, you do not need to leave your home or office to learn aviation English. Thanks to live and interactive lessons held via Zoom, you can communicate one-on-one with your teachers, ask questions, get feedback and practice.

  • Flexible and personalized programs: With CaptainPilot, you can choose a program that suits your needs and level. You can take 1:1, 2:1 or 3:1 lessons either alone or with one or two friends. You can determine the lesson hours and frequency yourself and adjust your learning speed. Lessons are tailored to your needs but generally focus on improving your speaking and listening skills.

  • Affordable prices and free trial lesson: With CaptainPilot, you don't have to pay a fortune to learn aviation English. By choosing one of our affordable packages, you can receive training in a way that suits your budget. You can also try your first lesson for free, get to know our teachers and test our system.

  • Effective and fun training methods: With CaptainPilot, learning aviation English is not a boring and difficult process, but an effective and fun experience. Our teachers make lessons lively and enjoyable by using real-life examples from the aviation industry, engaging videos, audio recordings, games and exercises. Additionally, by using e-learning modules produced by CaptainPilot, you can improve yourself between courses, measure your progress and prepare for exams.

If you want to master Aviation English and easily pass the ICAO LPR exam, don't wait any longer.


Contact CaptainPilot now and get one step closer to your dream career !

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