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How To Finally Get An ICAO LPR 4, 5, 6

Without Wasting Time And Money

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Book a Private Training Session with Teacher

These courses are possible with the reservations that our customers will make, especially according to their needs. It is carried out with the support of our teaching staff, which consists of our instructor captain pilots who have spent years flying in the aviation sector and airlines.
How to use the e-learning training modules produced by CaptainPilot, including measuring the progress of our members during the training, is possible with the free sessions available in the Gold and Platinum packages.

If desired, you can choose to work with our teaching staff: alone or with your teacher on a 1 : 1 basis

With 1 or 2 friends/colleagues on a 2 : 1 or 3 : 1 basis

Training will be tailored specifically to your needs, but will generally focus on improving your speaking and listening skills.