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Welcome to this pilot E-learning course on TCAS. We hope that the information you find here will enhance your knowledge of TCAS operations. We have put the focus of the course on how TCAS affects ATC operations and pilot actions.
We have also included a number of videos that show operational examples of TCAS situations and how they were resolved. To give the pilot perspective of TCAS operations we have provided a number of pilot interviews. And lastly, the course shows simulations of TCAS events and how pilots respond to them.

By the end of the course you should be able to:

Explain how TCAS works
List the types of ACAS
Describe the types of TCAS alerts
Describe the pilot respond to TCAS alerts
Explain the logic and limitations of TCAS
Describe the types of interaction that may occur between ATC and TCAS
Explain the responsibilities of pilots and controllers in the event of an RA

You can access CaptainPilot LMS E-learning Aviation Training modules from the link.

You can download CaptainPilot Learning Management System handbook prepared to answer

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