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Why choose the CaptainPilot Recommended Training Model ?

Updated: May 30, 2023

CaptainPilot Recommended Training Model

By applying the CaptainPilot Recommended Training Model, it helps you improve your grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, listening comprehension and fluency while also helping you practice the language you need for your studentship. This will help you stay motivated and you will enjoy learning English more because you have a clear goal.

One of the most important features of the CaptainPilot Training Model is that participants with different language proficiency levels are subject to the CaptainPilot Placement Exam and above all, they can accurately measure their language level.

Thus, by putting the participants trained from many different sources in the model at the right level, to reach the ICAO Language Proficiency Requirements (LPR) without spending time and effort. For those who will use our entire training model for this purpose, you can start applying the CaptainPilot Recommended Training Model as described on our website as the first step.

How to Apply the CaptainPilot Recommended Training Model !

You will be required to take the Aviation English Language Proficiency Exam;


You can take Proficiency Test 1 .

If you pass this exam, you can proceed to Step 3.


If you do not get a passing grade in the exam, you must complete the AVIATION LISTENERS training module as the second step. After you finish this training module, we will ask you to retake Proficiency Test 1.

If you pass Proficiency Test 1, it's time to move on to step three.


You can take Proficiency Test 2.

If you pass this exam, you can proceed to Step 4.

If you do not get a passing grade in the exam, as a third step, you must complete the RADIOTELEPHONY PHRASEOLOGY training module . After completing this training module, you will be asked to retake Proficiency Test 2.

If you pass the Proficiency Test 2, it's time to move on to step four.


At this stage of the training, you must complete the AERONAUTICAL STANDARD PHRASEOLOGY ( training module. After the training you have received, it is time to determine the level you have reached.

You must take the Proficiency Mastery Test. If you do not get a passing grade in the exam, you can proceed to step five.


You can bring your language proficiency level to the desired level by using the AVIATION ENGLISH COURSE ( training module. After completing the training module, you must take the Proficiency Test. If you have not reached the desired level, you can proceed to the next step.


One of the training modules, AVIATION ENGLISH EXAM TRAINING, is a module that contains many questions asked in language proficiency exams.

You can practice verbal interaction by giving appropriate and reasonable answers to these questions. At the end of each completed training module, you can determine your level using the Competency Mastery Test.


Finally, trainings are offered with a very rich aviation content and professional airline training content consisting of

E-learning LMS Courses For Pilot SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) modules. Thus, you will become familiar with airline operations by expanding your aviation culture and vocabulary.


CaptainPilot makes it possible to measure the development of your language proficiency level as a result of training packages and applications. Thanks to the completely free CaptainPilot Language Proficiency Mastery Test database, you can take the exam many times by taking different questions from the question pool in each exam application.

Check how successfully you have completed the CaptainPilot language proficiency test with the report that will be published automatically by the system.

The training programs offer a step-by-step solution to prepare trainees for their region's pre-commercial pilot English exam. Perfect for pilots and air traffic controllers seeking to maintain ICAO Level 4 and above Aviation English proficiency.

All you have to do is follow the CaptainPilot Recommended Training Pattern.

If you want to ask questions during the training and how our training model should be implemented, Gold and Platinum membership packages and Special One-to-One Sessions can be used, which are completely free to members.

Benefits of the CaptainPilot Recommended Training Model

· You will be able to respond correctly to Air Traffic Control .

· You will gain confidence by using the standard idiom in ATC communication , for example radiotelephone role playing .

· You will improve your understanding of listening in non-routine situations.

· You will be able to clearly report and manage non-routine situations.

· You will have better pronunciation with our unique exercises and exercises.

· You will be able to use grammar more accurately.

· You will develop a broad vocabulary for non-routine situations.

· You will frequently practice on the tasks you must perform in an ICAO Language Proficiency Assessment.

If other people don't know your vocabulary or pronunciation, you will be able to paraphrase effectively. You will consolidate your Basic Aviation Knowledge and learn to express it clearly in English.

Course Description

The CaptainPilot Recommended Training Model are activities and drill-based skills designed to help pilots ultimately achieve ICAO level 4+ / B2. The course complies with the recommendations of ICAO document 9835 and ICAO circular 323 and the framework of the ICAO Language Proficiency Requirements (LPRs) developed by ICAEA (International Civil Aviation English Association).

Each CaptainPilot training package gives you practice in the following skills:

Pronunciation - advanced techniques to improve your pronunciation

Vocabulary - develop a broad aerospace, technical and general vocabulary in addition to interpretation skills

Structure - improve your grammar with effective exercises and activities

Comprehension - listening and reading comprehension - specific to aviation

Fluency - learn how to organize your thoughts and express yourself clearly

Interaction - learn to respond appropriately in both routine and non-routine situations

Course content


REAL LIFE audio with exercises and obtainable transcripts to make you a pro in Aviation English Communication.

Improve your Aviation English Listening Skills by studying the exercises we've put together for you. The key to effective rereading is to have excellent listening skills and write as quickly as possible. Then everything will fall into place.


CaptainPilot has developed AVIATION LISTENERS that will make your job much easier to create this opportunity for thought and practice and has offered this training to all aviators.


As it is known, two important subjects are measured in proficiency exams, Plain English and Standard Phraseologism. In-flight operation is normally expected to be performed using standard patterns. However, sometimes it is necessary to maintain a secure communication using plain English in unexpected situations during the operation. In this case, the need for simple English skills to come into play and come to a level that can communicate safely without causing misunderstandings arises. So what should be done to develop this skill?

In these cases, development can be achieved by using training modules that can develop extraordinary and standard speaking skills.


This course contains a carefully sequenced selection of training materials, giving progressive, systematic practice in radiotelephony phraseology for pilots. The exercises are primarily designed to teach operational fluency in the ROUTINE phraseology for IFR flights. Unlike routine phraseology, the language of NON-ROUTINE situations is not highly predictable. However, practice is also provided for a selection of non-routine situations, plus additional vocabulary work.

This course is suitable for pilots or pilot trainees who wish to learn, or revise, the language used for radiotelephony communications. It is particularly suitable for people working at home or in a learning resources centre. All the exercises are self-correcting.


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