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Learn professional VFR communications with us ! Welcome to the VFR radio communications online course. In this course you will be familiarized with the terminology used in air radio communications. The Pilot Friendly VFR Communications Course will help you improve radio no matter what your flying experience. Whether you're a student pilot trying to learn this new language or an experienced pilot escaping busy airspace to avoid speaking on the radio, this pilot radio communications course will give you the confidence you need to do it right. VFR Communications covers the following topics: Introduction to VHF Voice Communications Transmission and Selection of Frequencies ; Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5 General Operating Procedures ; Introduction Transmission Technique Transmission of Letters Transmission of Numbers Aero RT Call Signs (Aircraft) Establishment & Cont Transfer of Communications Test Procedures Q Codes Categories of Messages Readback Requirements General Phraseology ; Introduction Level Instructions Flight Plans Aerodrome Control (Aircraft) ; Introduction Departure Information Taxi Instructions Takeoff Procedures Aerodrome Traffic Circuit Final Approach and Landing Go Around After Landing Essential Aerodrome Info Aerodrome Control (Vehicles) ; Introduction Movement Instructions Crossing Runways Vehicles Towing Aircraft Flight Information Service General Radar Phraseology ; Introduction Radar Ident Traffic Info & Avoiding Action SSR

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