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What does our Training Packages do? And what are the courses worth?

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

CaptainPilot provides Aviation English Training Course package and Aviation English Exam Preparation package services. We teach pilots and make them use them in practice.

It is the basis of our work.

Aviation English - that's what we do

Our clients are mostly interested in the ICAO English language test called ICAO English language proficiency or EASA English for pilots and air traffic controllers.

We provide Aviation English exam preparation course for pilots and Air traffic controllers. We also provide language proficiency training for cabin crew and other aviation professionals.

You will be well prepared. CaptainPilot cannot guarantee your success, but we can assure you that we will do everything to equip you for successful outcome. ICAO English training is also available online.

If you are aiming to take the ICAO English exam, we recommend that you attend the CaptainPilot online ICAO English PRIVATE SESSION.

At ICAO English with our private session support trainings, we are working to eliminate the "effect of washback". You don't learn by heart to forget the ICAO English course content hours later.

In the ICAO English exam adapted to the ICAO English renewal seminar concept and structure.

Our ICAO English private session support training takes 45 minutes. Training methods suitable for the level of the participants are determined and the recommendations that will prepare them for the exam in the best way with customized training are explained to the participants face to face.

The ICAO English Preparatory Course aims to control and organize language skills so that the ICAO English language proficiency exam is successful.

Besides face-to-face courses, CaptainPilot also provides an online ICAO English preparation course.

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