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ANNOUNCEMENT ANNOUNCEMENT 0.00 28/10/2017 13/03/2018 3
AWO ALL WEATHER OPERATION 0.00 04/05/2018 04/05/2018 3
COLD WEATHER OPERATION COLD WEATHER OPERATION FOR PILOT Are you ready for snow and ice? Our Winter Operations module reviews operations in ground icing conditions including anti- and deice fluids,deice procedures, holdover times, and pre-takeoff contamination checks. Braking action reports, cold temperature altitude corrections, and contaminated runways are also presented. The eLearning module has been updated with the new Runway Condition Assessment Matrix (RCAM) and associated Runway Condition Codes (RwyCC). 0.00 12/12/2017 13/03/2018 8
CONTROLLED FLIGHT INTO TERRAIN - CFIT / ALAR The CFIT module is designed for pilots flying turboprop and jet aircraft with a Terrain Awareness Warning System (TAWS) installed in the aircraft: Ground Proximity Warning System (GPWS), Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System (EGPWS), or other TAWS system. The module raises awareness of CFIT hazards and best practices to avoid a CFIT accident. The training module provides an overview of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), Flight Safety Foundation, and FAA CFIT Education and Training Aid as it applies to business aircraft operations. Case studies on CFIT accidents and some near misses are included. 0.00 13/03/2018 13/03/2018 3
CREW RESOURCE MANAGEMENT - CRM The CRM curriculum is a collection of modules that addresses the traditional CRM topics. Although the topics may be familiar, our modules take a unique perspective on the material. The module content is designed for pilots flying two-pilot high performance turboprop,helicopter, or jet aircraft. Based on extensive research into human performance, we present specific examples of how to break down barriers and effectively use available resources in each module. We use a case study approach in each module to reinforce the module material and focus on both the good use of CRM and incidents where poor use of CRM was a causal factor in an accident or incident. 0.00 13/03/2018 13/03/2018 8
RNAV AREA NAVIGATION 30.00 30/10/2017 13/03/2018 8
RVSM 0.00 09/04/2018 09/04/2018 3
SAFETY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (SMS) The SMS eLearning module is designed as an introduction to and overview of the SMS concept and how an SMS can enhance safety in a flight operation. The module is organized around the four core elements of the SMS: Policy, Risk Management, Assurance, and Promotion. The SMS module provides web links, background, references, and examples. This training is appropriate for all flight operations personnel, not just aircrews. The SMS module is available in generic form, or we can customize it to your organization and SMS. 0.00 13/03/2018 13/03/2018 8
TCAS/ACAS Industry regulators strongly recommend pilot training on use of ACAS/TCAS for flight crews because of a high percentage of noncompliance with Resolution Advisory (RA) alerts. The ACAS module highlights the issues with noncompliance and reviews best operating practices for use of ACAS/TCAS. 0.00 28/10/2017 05/04/2018 3